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Deep Tissue Massage Portland

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is massage that works on the lower layers of tissue in the body. It focuses on muscles that aren’t normally worked on by other more common massage techniques like Swedish Massage.  The technique incorporates the palms, fingers, knuckles, elbows and knees at times and is one of the best treatments for hypertension throughout the muscular body.

How is Deep Tissue Massage different than Swedish?

A deep tissue massage uses much more weight and strength from the practitioner than Swedish. It can incorporate the same strokes, but is much firmer pressure. While working deep tissue on a client, I can put up to 70% of my weight into an area the size of a quarter (most people rarely ever need that). Where as Swedish massage is more about moving the top fatty layers and lightly addressing the surface muscles. Swedish is great for relaxing the nervous system and calming people down and Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger point release do the same, but are meant for clearing up stuck, tight areas and creating space for muscles and joints to move freely again.

How to Get Rid of a Sore Neck

How to Get Rid of a Sore Neck


A sore neck is highly common these days. Whether it be from long days in the office behind the computer or from crashing while kiteboarding, or maybe you just turned to your friend like Ellen Degeneres recently did and you tweaked it then. Well, if anyone of these are the case, you can help your sore neck with a little bit of effort and some #TLC.

Ellen Has a Sore Neck

Sore Neck Exercises

Trigger point and Stretch Combo. Excellence for a Stiff Neck

Oldschool Stretch I learned from my Boy Blue

Sometimes called the Indian Squat

With anyone of these stretches you need to go slow. Going slow increases your relaxation and decreases the amount of time you actually need to stretch, because the body feels comfortable the whole time versus’ rushed to make something happen. When the body is rushed it is guarded. Imagine flying off a motor cycle a 100mph…you would probably find it hard to stay relaxed in such a moment. Now imagine doing the worlds slowest yawn…………you’re basically a sleep already and you haven’t even done anything. Slowl-i-ness is next to Awesomeness in my book, so take your time and relax.

So let me know what you’ve got going on. What is your particular case? What are you feeling/where are you feeling it?

Relaxation Massage

The wonders of Relaxation massage. Relaxation is to be like a floating feather or a leaf that just fell from the branches of a tall tree, slowly and whimsically gliding back and forth, back and forth, out stretched and careless as air caresses the sides of the leaf as it moves downward, spinning and floating to the ground. The feeling of warmth inside the body and around the heart and chest, the stillness, the clarity and calmness of the mind and soul. No need for anything, just the experience of peace, serenity and openness.

Relaxation massage is all about stress and getting rid of it. As the daily grind builds and we work and toil through our lives, we rip ourselves apart mentally, physically, and emotionally, going through the ups and downs of living in today’s world.

Eventually the body reaches its breaking point and it will force itself to sleep or to be immobile. This is an extreme, but have you ever had an panic attack? A panic attack is being at the breaking point. I had on just the other day.

I was beginning the process of moving offices and I was caught up in the middle of a scheduling dilemma. I had to be out of my old office by the end of the month (the next day) and my current place was not going to be ready for another week and on top of it I wasn’t scheduling any clients or bringing in any money (because of the lack of workable office space) and it didn’t look like I would be either for at least a week. I was freaking out. There is wasn’t much I could do in order to get into the new place faster. I was ready to go, but the building wasn’t ready for me. It all came down to some communication errors I am to blame for. I was so stressed out and trying to push this move through, that I basically shot my own foot (you know the saying).

Because I was stressed out I failed to realize a couple important things regarding the new space and it left the building manager working on tedious small things that didn’t matter as much as having the lease signed and me moved in. At the time, I was blind to all of this. The stress kept me so close to the situation, I couldn’t see the big picture at all and over a couple days that stress began to close down on me, smothering my every breath.

Sleepless nights and anxiaty were rampant for a week. It came down to a couple days before my actual move in. I just pulled up to my parking spot outside my old building. I was cleaning up a couple things and picking up more stuff for my new office. As I sat in my car, the anxiety from not working and all the stress of not having my new place, exploded, my heart was pounding, I couldn’t see clearly, my hearing was blanking out and I felt incredibly weak. I thought I was dying.

I had never experienced a panic attack before and will hopefully never again. I didn’t know what to do and sat there for five minutes in agony. I finally realized I had to get out of my car and start moving around. If I didn’t, that negative energy was going to give me a heart attack.

I got out, went inside my old office building and there I saw my saving-grace. Another massage therapist, Brenna was in the hall getting her room ready for a session. As soon as I saw her, I knew what had to happen.

I went up to her and said straight forward, “Work on my back, I am so stressed out, right now.” I got on her table and nearly fell asleep as soon as she started working. Everything felt so good, just the human contact was amazing and enough to make me less stressed.

She only did some light work and for just a couple minutes, but afterwords, my goodness, what a difference. All my problems faded away. Deep down I knew I was going to be fine.
This is the true beauty of relaxation massage.