My Mission

is to provide everyone with the best energy, the best technique, and the best information, to remedy the aches and pains of life using massage.

I do this with constant continued education.

I take classes every year and read at least a book a month related to the human mind, body, spirit, the maths, and or sciences.

About David

I graduated with Honors from Everest Institute in 2008.
I opened up David Emery Massage in 2009.
I was featured on Fox 12 Good Day Oregon in 2015 and 2016.

I was a part of the 2000-2003 Scappoose High School State Champions in Football as a Defensive End and a Offensive Tackle.

I love sports. I’d rather play than watch. I love: restoring old furniture, talking with great people, singing and playing guitar,  witnessing technological breakthroughs, and the amazing food around my office.

A Short Story About Massage

I opened up my first shop in 2009, up in NW Portland. It was in the old Paramount building where movie editors would screen films and make edits. It was a pretty cool spot.

After about 2yrs, the building was purchased by a group of investors that own a few places around town (like the River Pig building next to Keen, in the Pearl).  Shortly after, the new owners let all the renters know we had to vacate because they were going to start renovations in a few months. At the time, I was upset I had to go, but also knew I could find something just as good or better around town.

I started my search in November, as soon as I was informed of the remodel. But unlike I previously thought, it was actually really tough  finding a good spot. I wasn’t having any luck and time was running out. A day before New Years Eve and a week before we had to be out, I found an ad on Craigslist for a place that looked pretty good.  So I called and set up an appointment. I went in the next morning to check it out and I immediately loved it. I found my next office, a true blessing.

It’s really amazing what massage can do.

When I was going through the move to the new office, I was so stressed out on my last day, that I thought my heart was going to pop. The huge coffee I slammed earlier didn’ t help anything and I felt even worse because of it.  As I was sitting in my car, waiting for a rain storm to pass, before I grabbed another load of furniture, all of the worries of life and the new place incessantly ran through my mind.

It was a tough winter financially and the stress of this move was getting to me. Suddenly, it dawned on me, as I sat there in my car.

“I’m a massage therapist and I help people get through these kinds of situations all the time, why don’t I get a massage right now?”

Right away, I picked up my phone and called my massage friend, Brenna, in the building.  She answered and I proceeded to tell her what was going on. She said she was sorry and that she wanted help, but that she couldn’t, because she was about the go into session in 20 minutes. I told her, “I don’t care how long I get, I’ll take whatever you have right now.”  She accepted and I jumped out of my car, into the pouring rain and ran down the street to the building.

I was soaking wet from the rain when I walked into her office. She told me she only had a few minutes of time, but I gladly accepted. I just needed to feel comforted. I hopped on the table and she began to work on my back. As soon as she touched me, I could feel the stress leaving my body.

She worked  through my clothes, pushing down into my back with her elbow and rocking me back and forth. It was heaven in that moment. I felt like a baby being soothed. I needed this.

Shortly after, my time was up, but I was a new man. I felt no stress, my heart was calm, my mind was at ease. I was able to finish the move and everything worked out sooner than expected, the delays were circumvented and my stresses were relieved.

I believe her work saved me that day. Thank you, Brenna. You showed me there is no need to bear the stresses of life alone and that a simple back rub can make everything better.

Relax and Release the Aches and Pains of Life. ======================== 1017 SW Morrison Street Suite 506 Portland, OR 97205 (503) 830-1903