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 Skilled Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage.



Whiplash / Neck Injury Relief

Relaxing Upper Back Muscles

Work stress, headaches, and neck pain

Sports injuries


Established in 2009.

I started with family and friends at a young age.

Graduated from Everest Institute, in 2008, with Honors. And shortly afterword found a nice location in NW to open up my own shop. After two years, the building was sold and soon to be renovated, so I moved here to the Fine Arts Building in 2011.

As I’ve built my own practice, I’ve worked at two other places: Asula Chiropractic and The Dragon Tree. Two very different settings, each with benefits I incorporate within my own practice.

Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage in Portland


Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage in Portland

Look around the videos area for tips and tricks for taking care of yourself. 

I’m working on a running list of common ailment solutions.

People can use these instructional videos to help themselves recover from injuries.

By using the techniques that I have learned and discovered on my own over the years, people can heal themselves of most issues.


Give it a try.

Work on yourself.

Experiment and try new things with your muscles and body.

Always go carefully and slowly.

If you need additional help or you find it hard to release and to truly relax, call me at (503) 830-1903 .

I can help you.

Deep Tissue, Sports, and Swedish Massage in Portland, Oregon

<B>deep tissue massage</b> <b>swedish massage</b> <b>sports massage</b>

deep tissue massage and swedish massage are wonderful to recieve. Espcecially on your day off or right after work when you really need to relax. The most important thing to do is make time to get one of the two, so you aren't over doing it during your week.

Helping health conscious people. Challenges welcome. ======================================== 1017 SW Morrison Street Suite 510 Portland, OR 97205